Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Psychics and the Unknown

If we venture to study the paranormal we soon must face the ultimate Psi-Unknown. We soon are asking where are these sensations coming from? What must that place be like?
Psychics may be compared to sighted people in a world of the blind. Think about that for a moment. A world where it was normal to be blind and it would be paranormal just to see.
The blind majority, would try to study these gifted ones. Now imagine the type of report that those investigators would send in. Their first problem would be to find words to describe, “seeing” to the rest of the blind world who had no such experience.

So the investigators of this ability would, as a test, take one of those who had the ability to perceive this “strange” way, into an office. The gifted person would say, “There is a shelf full of books on the other side of the room.” And the investigator, unable to know the shelf was there without walking over and feeling it, would investigate. He would walk over and find the books.
He would say, “Why you’re right.” After further investigation he would find that the person who put the books there was dead. The room had been locked away. No one alive knew about these books so the investigator would say, “This extra sensory perception allowed the special person to know what a man had done who is now dead.” The investigator would think that sightedness gave the power to learn from the dead. The sighted person would appear to be a communicating with the dead. So the ability that passes in this blind world for mediumship would really just be sight.

Then another investigator would take a different individual with “ESP” into the same office and this one would say, “You had better not continue on the same path you are in. You will bump into a. desk if you do.”

The blind investigators would proceed because he doesn't want to spoil the experiment. So he goes along the same route and bumps into the desk. He concluded, “Well you must have the ability to tell the future.” He might read the report of the other investigators who found a mediumship ability but not make any connection. He may not see that they are the same.
Then still another blind investigator might start to study these persons who could see. He would take another person. With this ability into the same office but he would chose to sit down and start taking notes on a brail typewriter. The sighted person could look over the shoulder of the blind investigator and see that he was typing about the subject’s perfume being too strong. The subject could then say, “Oh, so you think my perfume is too strong do you?”

How would that scientists report read? You guessed it. “It appears that there are some people who are gifted with the ability to read people’s minds.”

Also we could expect that a sighted person in this blind world may chose to close their eyes for most of the time just to fit in to the society. So, the sighted ones themselves would read all these reports with interest, because they too don’t know what they are doing. They might agree with all three studies, and their interpretations.

Investigators in such a blind world would think they were finding separate abilities in each of these three, when actually it was the same ability. What the sighted individual talked about was not what was outside of him, but what was inside. He told of the things in the place that interested him. One was into what people left here during their lives, the other like to project current events into their logical future, and the last was nosy.

Psychic power seems to be just that way. Psychics have abilities to know and do what interests them with their special ability. This is most likely all that separates them from each other. We could further suggest that what separates them from the rest of the people in this world is that they chose to open their eyes.

I assume that the differences between psychics are just that each psychic is an individual. Each has formed associations to the Psi-Unknown. It is that set of patterns that color individual concepts of psi and filter the Psi-Unknown also. The same research that helps educators understand why some students like math, others like art, and still others like languages will help us understand why some psychics are good at mediumship, others at precognition and finally still others at telepathy.

So it seems to me that the Psi-Unknown has one nature. We should see that the Psi-Unknown in particular has its shape, size, and power. Since there are many people looking at it and each observing a different things, it must be large. Perhaps it is larger than the total of all viewpoints as some say­. But on the other hand suppose that it is smaller and that many people are over-estimating its size and strength. It seems most logical to assume there is no more of the psychic world than of the physical world multiplied by the time we have been here. It seems even to be a function of the physical world rather than independent. It has law's and those are only special cases of our present rules, and if it is a part of this world its rules will someday be ours. Our old concepts will change.

The Psi-Unknown has been called by many names. Perhaps some of' them should be reviewed here. The Buddhists call this thing the Karmic records and say that all things that have ever been are known, or ever will be known are recorded there. They think of the Karmic Records as large old books, that are being read up the sky some place.

Western psychical researchers have also talked about the knowledge side of the Psi-Unknown. Some have called it the World Mind. The World Mind would be physically closer; in fact it would be a part of us. We would, according to this concept, be interconnected. Here the future is not a part of the present. This would cut its size down considerably. There seems no reason for objecting to that part of the World Mind. All precognitive events, that is knowing of the future, could be the result of knowing all of the present and then just projecting the logical course of current activity. But the term “Mind” doesn't allow for the power that this psychic thing has. A better term would be World Matrix, which would mean the interconnectivity substance. A thing that connected not just thought but things and powers also. A matrix is the raw material from which many things can be made. It is the object that holds an impression from one thing and passes it on to something else. It stores and plays back various things. It could store and give back some kind of power.

We can be sure that the Psi-Unknown can be described if not quantified.
1. It records the sum total of all things that have happened and are happening.­
2. The matrix is also a conductor of bits of information, and the medium that carries thoughts from one mind to another, and from one thing to a mind.

3. Its ability to group and organize information must be very basic if it exists at all
4. It has some power. This power seems to be directed toward one group of activities in the wild animal. Those are the reproductive functions. This power can be used for other things though. The matrix may allow one thing to use the energy of others.

One of the primary laws of science is the Law of Parsimony: be frugal. Don’t spend more time and effort in forming a theory than is necessary. The scientist is to select from several theories the one that explains most and is the least complicated. For me, this description of the Psi-Unknown works.

Whenever we are in contact with the Psi-Unknown, we will not see it all or even most of it. We only notice and a remember relatively small part of that total mass of knowledge and experience. What we see in the Psi-Unknown is like what we choose to see in this world. We see what we have learned about. We see what we want to see. We see what reduces tension for us.

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