Saturday, July 5, 2008


Reading textbooks in school gives an impression of the way science built itself up. They make it seem as if there were first one neat-clean block, then a second one put beside it, and a third on top of those, and so on. This is not what happened. The writers of textbooks are trying to sell Science. Science really was not that well organized Like a real-estate salesmen who tries to tell you that the house was built as you see it now, or at least that it now is at its ideal state. The window should be there, the door here, etc. Of course, this isn't usually so in old homes. No, there was a shack here once upon a time, and then a wood floor was put in. After it rotted there was a stone floor. When one wall got weak it was knocked out and a new one constructed of stone. And so it went. As something became useless it was torn off and a new part of the house was added. If a window was needed a. hole made in the wall.

Like the dynamic structure it is science is again in need of expansion More and more information appears in print which shows that ideas about many things must be renovated.

One such area is the field of mind body. Those who have studied parapsychology have pointed out problems there. There is one practical problem. As the owner of the home would say, “Don’t you dare tear down that wall until you know all the details about what is going to be put there. I want a blueprint, the labor to be available, and the materials paid for first."

He has a point. Parapsychology may really need a new room but nobody is quite certain what should be put up how, or even for sure that it can be done. So, the scientific community that lives in the house will wait before building they allow new rooms, but parapsychologists are out in the cold. The ghost-hunters can only come to visit inside when the troublesome uncle is out. Where can we find a room for them?

Most would be satisfied if only a hole were knocked in the wall and a tent put up outside. Of course, a wooden floor should be in the tent before winter, but that is many months away.
It would be nice if we had some blueprints, labor and materials to build a regular room, but there isn't. No one is even sure where the door should be. But there is enough material to make a tent, if only a sewing machine could be borrowed. This blog will discuss some of the necessary substance, and needs we will have to provide when parapsychology is invited in to the scientific homestead.

The subject of this study, psychics will be easy to please For instance, psychics feel comfortable in the middle of this change. The psychic likes to be close to the Unknown. In fact they probably have been too patient. We can learn from him. After his nature is discovered, and the influences on him are seen it will be possible to deal with lesser unknowns The knowledge of his nature may help us cope with a new problem, a new friend, a new town, and a new machine. What can the non-psychic learn from him? In a larger since: is there a non-psychic or just people who have chosen to not look there, not listen?

There was a time when it was difficult to tell astronomy from astrology, but as the centuries passed these became two distinct studies. Both have continued to this day, but are two studies now instead of one.

In days past it was difficult to tell alchemy from chemistry, but now they are separate subjects.
This is a similar period of change. Today it is hard to differentiate between parapsychology and occultism. But for the previous century, and probably long into this one, the two have been growing apart, and will undoubtedly continue. Here we will not be concerned with occultism. It is about parapsychology, and especially the psychology of psychics, that we'll study.

The Freud has provided a useful vocabulary and many studies have been done that help us understand the personality of the psychic. Here we will try to be objective and avoid, if possible, the emotional overtones that the vocabulary offered by Mysticism.

We will not be exploring the physics of psychic events nor trying to prove that every type of psychic event is true, though I do lean in that direction, feel free to call me to task if you think I have fallen too far.

When the events I describe in my book Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies were over I spent years studying the papers from the Society for Psychical Research in England, the American Society for Psychical Research, the Journal of Parapsychology, and the books reviewed in these Journals. I want to share some of these research findings and hear from you on these.

These should be helpful if you want to understand how to handle the Unknown in general, and also the world of the paranormal. It is for the many who want to deal with psychics, and for psychics who need to understand themselves better. The topics have been chosen from scientific discussions and should offer perspectives that will be useful. I hope my discussions will help psychics and non-psychics to communicate and share this fragile world together with minimal ranting and raving.

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