Saturday, November 8, 2008

Psychic Child like Parent

As we look at psychic activity we need to ask: why is this psychic behavior at work here? Take for instance the behavior of dogs finding their way home. The mother of the puppies modeled the various activities of keeping the family together. Birds that migrate find their way back to nesting grounds year after year and so do the young birds. Some serious observers have expressed the belief that these navigational efforts required more than just heightened sense of smell or direction. I am not going to get into that debate but I what of those cases where a dog has found its why back to the family it grew up in even after they moved hundreds, even thousands of miles? What lead that dog to reunite with its human family? And what can we learn about psychic activity from that activity?

I think we could learn a lot by looking at the modeling by the parents of the young puppies. And then look at what some dogs have been able to do when left on their own. They often seem to be able to reunite the family. Here we begin to see the part played by their parent-concept. Reuniting of the family seems to be something like what the parent did. When animals are domesticated they start to see their human keepers like a parent.. Animals want to be at home and have every member of the “family” there. Animals in the home are like those in the wild in many ways. They are rarely left unprotected, on their own. And when they are they seek to reunite the new human family.

When we see a domestic animal who is happy because the family as reunited, or when it performs some psychic feat in order to rejoin the “family.” Just as young animals in the wild. They follow the example of their parent-concept and find him. Dogs seem particularly sensitive to and happy about the reuniting of a human family. There are many reports of dogs following a family a thousand miles or more to where they have had moved.

Psychic animals seem to be following the pattern of their parent-concept. As they perform the activity that they saw their parent do — reunited the family. They call upon some psychic awareness to do the same thing. They are acting like their parent, but the performance now is achieved by some connection to the unknown. They are acting like their parent-concept and when they do they get a little boost from some unknown power. It almost seems as if the parent is invested in the activity in some way, or at least a copy of the parent.

So this parent-concept is not really that parent. It is, however, made and operated by that child. Just as a little girl might say, “But my dolly wants to watch TV.” So the parent-concept may sometimes appear, even to be objective observer, to have wants and needs. It doesn't. The things it is interested in are completely manufactured by the psychic. It is made in the likeness of a parent, often a parent of the opposite sex. It is made to act like the parent. So understanding this activity is very important if we are to understand the psychic.

Any human trainer or caretaker will soon become the parent-concept of the animal. Sometime plants also seem to act like they believe they have a human parent, but that is for another blog. The parent-concept can be many things besides the real parent of the animal.

This helps explain the major topics of animals psi: death, danger and reuniting of the family. Those are needs that are typical of parents. The child doesn't need to have heard the parent express such concerns. The child has seen these concerns for himself, in a thousand ways. So, the parent-concept is a psyche filter.

The psychic occurrences that people experience also seem to have this personality. This personality is one that the psychic person, like the animal, has come to see in their parent-concept. Psychic activity one of many life activities that are tied to our parent-concepts.

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