Friday, September 19, 2008

Paranormal Viewpoint

I know I have an unusual viewpoint on the paranormal. I believe at times almost all of the types of psychic gifts can be granted to an individual. For a short time you may get one gift in spades. But I don't want this "gift" again. I have spent most of my life trying to turn it off and ignoring those occasional snippets of conversations that still slip into my consciousness during that vulnerable time when I am waking up. When I am asked to advise someone on how to increase their psychic ability I always take the position that they should first seriously question if they really want what they are asking for. I had it once and I don't want it again.

There are two main reasons I do not want this gift and they both come from my personal experiences which may not be typical. When you read the story in OPERATION BLUE LIGHT: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies my reasons for not wanting psychic ability should be obvious. First of all psychic ability disrupts your thoughts and your life. The more accurate it is the more disruptive it is and the more addictive.

When I had this gift it was so detailed and so accurate that I could not live with it. If it was spotty and questionable like most psychic ability I might have been able to live with it. I found I can only live without it. Also I understand how addicting that ability can be. The more perfect the ability is the more you want it. What I don't understand is the group of people who do not believe in telepathy. And it seems to actually be growing.

Which brings me to the second reason I do not want this gift again. The 2005 Gallup poll on the paranormal reported "Three in Four Americans Believe in Paranormal" The poll let the respondent check entries on a list of ten types of paranormal beliefs they might have held. They could check all that applied and they could check either "believe in", " not sure about" or "don't believe". The poll revealed that 73% checked one or more of the list of paranormal beliefs. This got the headline, but for a week in the summer of 1966 I had near perfect telepathic ability, (I could not get names, but I got about anything else from those who were also gifted at that time). So I am interested in the telepathic ability. The Gallup pollsters found that 31% believed in telepathy, 27% were not sure and 42% did not believe in it. Even more disturbing is that in spite of the growing amount of press that psychics get. The same Gallup organization in 1990 found that 36% believed in telepathy, so there are even fewer believers now than 18 years ago.
Our culture today has not found a place for psychics. We do not fit in anyplace. For most of my life I have not talked about the troubled 6 years after high school that gave birth to my near perfect psychic ability that summer in 1966. I made a life for myself where no one knows I even had psychic ability. It is a very comfortable life and I am lucky to have my bills paid and a State of California pension check coming in. If my life were not so comfortable I probably would not have published that book. I would have just gone on not talking about that 6 years. My friends and relatives have always allowed me not to talk about it. But I am glad that my situation allows me the privilege of putting my story out to the public.

I wrote the book for various reasons. Mostly I felt I owed it to "the casualties of the cold war's psychic battlefields" as I called them in the dedication of the book. Then also I have avoided talking about it for so long that I still find it difficult. So now I can just point you to the book or the videos and i will not need to tell it. I have gotten to a place where I don't care how unbelievable people find it. Also it needs to be told because it is unlike any other. The accuracy and details of my "spoken telepathy" I had that summer was not like any published experience. So my story needs to be put on the record. Finally I chose to publish it because it is just a good story and I believe you will enjoy reading it even if you are among 42% that do not believe in telepathy.

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