Monday, August 18, 2008

Psychics and Self-Confidence

As we look at the literature about the psychology of psychics some observations and test results may seem hard to understand but we are not surprised that psychics have been found to be very self-confident. How else could they continually reach out to the unknown world and deal with what comes back at them? Indeed self confidence has been observed again and again when a person is getting in touch with that great unknown. And situations that help you feel better about yourself are also situations that frequently enhance your psychic ability.

Some of this evidence comes from Dr. J. Fraser Nicol and Dr. Betty Humphrey. They were among the first who found that being self-confident is a factor. “We found persons who rated high on self-confidence (from the Guilford-Martin questionnaire) also scored high on ESP.”
Psychics apparently tend to have high self-confidence when they are being psychic. In fact this personality factor was one of the more statically significant. And the evidence shows that the more self-confident the subject, the more likely he was to be psychic.

“From the work of our subjects there is evidence that extrasensory perception is related to at least eight factors of personality. The most striking of these is Guilford-Martin’s factor I, Self-confidence. which is highly correlated with the total ESP scores (p = .0015)”, they reported.

This personality factor has been observed in many psychics who have been studied by psychiatrists. Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz published a study of three psychics; Mrs. Krystal, a “Dr. Cambell’s” mother – “Dr. Cambell” is a pseudonym, and dowser Henry Gross. His study is very helpful in understanding the psychology of psychics. About Mrs. Krystal he says, “She gave the impression of processing a great amount of energy and self-confidence.”

In general we see that there are many good things about the nature of the psychic. As Drs. Humphrey and Nicol say in another place, “Broadly speaking, those personality attributes that may be described as ‘Socially desirable,’ were found to be associated with high ESP scores.”

However, all psychics will not necessarily have all of these personality factors all the time. People change from day to day and even from hour to hour, depending for instance on who they are with. And certain personality factors may be important to some types of psychic phenomena, while others would be important to other psi activity.

This personality factor of self-confidence is very important for those who can control things by just thinking to them. This psychic ability is called psycho kinesis. A psychic, who feels that he can move matter, that his force of thought can do that, obviously doesn't feel hampered by the material world.

Self-confidence doesn't always come to those who talk a lot and mix easily with people though. Some people misunderstand that. Self-confident people are often quiet and easy-going. However, if a person is both self-confident and extroverted he is more likely to be psychic. For extroverted is another, personality trait known to show up in the psychic.
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